The Agriculture Revolution

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Not just a better product — a better solution.

Food demand is rising and global population is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030. The current COVID-19 pandemic adds on labor shortages, transport restrictions and quarantine measures. The agriculture world is facing a multitude of challenges.

The global agriculture industry is undergoing transformation as it turns to smart farming solutions such as drones and robots that can raise farming profitability. The agriculture sector across the globe is rapidly adopting AI, which will propel the revenue of global agriculture AI to a sweeping $11.2 million in 2030. The adoption of these technologies can make farming more efficient, productive, sustainable.It will reduce input while using land more efficiently, increase yields, and lower environmental impact.

These cutting-edge technologies help farmers easily reach their goals. Companies that end up revisiting their business model through digital and technological transformation will be the ones ahead of their competition.