Drone alternative to pollination

DROPCOPTER powered by BWR in the Jordan Valley

Blue White Robotics “BWR” is providing an innovative service for pollinating dates in the Jordan Valley through the use of drones, in response to agriculture labor shortages due to COVID-19.

In recent years, crop pollination concern has grown worldwide. This process is naturally done using bees, and the bee population is declining globally. Without the pollen, the fruits cannot grow.

BWR is a leader in operating autonomous tools as a service — Robot-as-a-Service, and developed a unique platform for managing up to hundreds of autonomous air and ground systems in the same field area. Through BWR’s advanced command and control center, operations can be managed remotely. BWR provides customers an efficient, smart, and advanced system solution, for the worlds of agriculture, transportation, security, rescue, energy, and more.

As part of the company’s focus on agriculture, BWR is collaborating with DROPCOPTER from New York, to provide artificial pollination services through the use of drones.

The company conducted a successful experiment at the Arava Agriculture Research and Development Center in February to prove the effectiveness of artificial pollination for dates. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, border crossings across Israel have shut down, and farmers are experiencing severe labor shortages.

BWR is volunteering to carry out a large-scale pollination project in the Jordan Valley to help date growers through these tough times. The drones are using an innovative dispersion system to spread pollen. This contribution is carried out in direct alignment with the company’s values — Innovation, community, and love of country.

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