We are proud to announce the completion of our funding round. Thank you to our employees, partners and investors for believing in our vision and hard work. We will continue to lead the adoption of our “Robot-as-a-Service” solution. We look forward to continue revolutionizing industries through autonomy alongside our values of fellowship, love of the land and innovation.

Studies have projected that better land management practices could increase the amount of carbon stored in croplands by 1.89 billion tons annually.

Let BWR manage your farms autonomously for you and increase your farming efficiency.

Three of the largest challenges the world is facing are food security, diminishing natural resources, and climate change. There are several advantages to using precision agriculture technology and autonomous farming systems:

Increase in yields, increased food security and higher profits, plant health, and environmental benefits.

Agriculture is an economic sector that affects climate change by contributing to greenhouse gas emissions (both directly and indirectly). After…

DROPCOPTER powered by BWR in the Jordan Valley

Blue White Robotics “BWR” is providing an innovative service for pollinating dates in the Jordan Valley through the use of drones, in response to agriculture labor shortages due to COVID-19.

In recent years, crop pollination concern has grown worldwide. This process is naturally done using bees, and the bee population is declining globally. Without the pollen, the fruits cannot grow.

BWR is a leader in operating autonomous tools as a service — Robot-as-a-Service, and developed a unique platform for managing up to hundreds of autonomous air and ground systems in the same field area. Through BWR’s advanced command and control…

Powered by BWR — Drone over trees in Israel

Not just a better product — a better solution.

Food demand is rising and global population is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030. The current COVID-19 pandemic adds on labor shortages, transport restrictions and quarantine measures. The agriculture world is facing a multitude of challenges.

The global agriculture industry is undergoing transformation as it turns to smart farming solutions such as drones and robots that can raise farming profitability. The agriculture sector across the globe is rapidly adopting AI, which will propel the revenue of global agriculture AI to a sweeping $11.2 million in 2030. The adoption of these…

Blue White Robotics

Autonomous systems made easy. World leader in autonomous technologies and unmanned systems.

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